Tips To Answer For Why did you leave your last job??

If you are not a fresher then If you attend the Interview for the job then this question is asked frequently but most of the people will not aware of how to answer this question when Interviewer asked Interviewee. Here I am going to give some tips to answer the question why did you leave your last job???

Employers ask this question to get a clear picture of who you might be as an employee and circumstances of your departure from your last job but they can always check that with your references.

They are also asking this to determine if you are someone who might not stay long enough with the company after you have been trained.



Tips To Answer for this question:

  • Never get tricked into talking bad about a colleague or employer.
  • Don’t mention money at this part, or you may seem like you are a money oriented.
  • If you already have a job, then say it is about developing your career and yourself as a person.
  • In case you were part of a downsized company, keep positive and short.
  • If you happened to be fired, then you need a good explanation. Whatever the circumstances were, don’t talk about the drama and stay positive.
  • Avoid stating that you are looking for a new challenge if you can’t back it up, because the interviewer will dig deeper.
  • Don’t answer in a way that doesn’t reassure the interviewer. Answer such as “I wasn’t being challenged” or ” The work was no longer interesting”.

Hope, now you know how to answer the question why did you leave your last job ?? If you have any doubt you may leave a comment here I will help you as soon as possible.