Tips To Answer What are your Strengths??

Here I am going to share the important tips for the job interview. We all know the What are your strengths is the common interview question asked in the interview. You should have already mentioned in your main weaknesses and strengths in your resume or Curriculum vitae. In order to answer a question like this, just go over what is written in your resume. Although, be prepared to back up your answers with the example. Be sure to keep in mind the job requirements and compare these with your attributes like your skills, abilities, experience, and personality where they match is where you need to consider them to be a major strength.

1.Share your true strengths and not those that you believe your interviewer wants to hear.

2.Choose strengths that are targeted to this job.

3.Give specific strength. Instead of using people skills use relationship building or strong communication.

4.Follow up with an example of how you have demonstrated these in a professional setting.

5.Be accurate. Say your strength and doesn’t include as you want.

6.Don’t be humble. Pick something impressive. Don’t go with pleasant to work with as your main selling point.

7.Be prepared to demonstrate. As discusses, have a concise example ready to back each strength up. Your answer should still be 3 minutes long.



Strength List:

Strength list includes Knowledge or skills needed and characteristics employers value.


You may have developed some skills during schools or college but don’t stop to gain knowledge, You can get more skills by yourself by learning yourself.

Characteristics employers value:

Following characteristics are important so follow these,

  • Honest/Trustworthy
  • Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Likeable
  • Positive
  • Independent Problem-solving
  • Detail oriented
  • Hard working
  • Team player
  • Quick learner
  • Good communicator
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Passionate about doing a good job
  • Organized

Hope , now you know the tips and ways for how to answer the question what are your strengths in the job Interview. Work Hard and reach your goal. All the Best Readers!! If you have any doubt you may leave a comment and I am here to help you as soon as possible.