Mediatek vs Qualcomm Snapdragon Smartphone Processor which is better???

When we come to the smartphone processor, Qualcomm snapdragon is famous and so far we found mostly in all smartphone but nowadays Mediatek processor is used by everyone especially by south region people.

Why Mediatek become popular??

As I before said Mediatek processor is used by everyone because the price of this processor is very cheap when  compared to snapdragon. Snapdragon had given different types of models like 820,821 launched now. Mediatek also preparing more processors but they are concentrating more on cores like Quadcore, Octa core, Hexacore, deca-core.

The main difference between snapdragon and Mediatek:

1.Battery Life:

Since Mediatek has more core its battery power will be drained soon when compared to snapdragon.


Mediatek has high performance when compared to snapdragon because of the cores since it has more cores it performs in the high level at the same time Mediatek need high space RAM whereas in snapdragon it does not need more space in RAM for performance.

3.Heating Issue:

So far snapdragon processors contain no heating issue problem, only in one chip contains more heating issues. Whereas in MediaTek processors contains more heating problem as it contains more cores.


Snapdragon and Mediatek use the different types of processors. Mediatek uses the Mali processor and snapdragon uses the Arduino processors. The different is MediaTek buy the Mali processor from the third party and they integrate then only its graphics performance will be good.
Snapdragon uses many processors apart from Qualcomm processor. In these processors they will say as SOC [System On Chips] it means they fix all like media processors, CPU, wifi processors, GPU processors etc, they all these processor unit in a SOC itself. As CPU and GPU are manufactured by them itself integration is best for this processor when compared to Mediatek.

Coolpad, Lenovo or any small models which come under 7000 or 10000 they use only MediaTek processors because with the low budget they can give more performance. So, who need high performance with the low budget then you can buy Mediatek processors but if you need excellent performance in all the things means then go with snapdragon.

In Mediatek they won’t introduce new architecture they use only already developed architecture by them and improves cores only. In Snapdragon they develop a new architecture and improve its efficiency and performance.

Hope, now you know something about the smartphone processor and If you have any doubt leave a comment here.