How To Overcome  Fear???

I am going to give some tips on how to overcome fear. I think many people don’t perform because they have too much fear or fear is holding people back and I think this is so common in our languages is almost comedic.

Most of the fear is that we actually have our just native expressing thoughts that we are rerunning too often and we are associating so much pain to that now becomes convenient always fear as if some fearsome big unknowable scary awful thing. It’s not.

Science has shown like we have much more powerful capabilities and most of us think that we do and the reality is once you understand what actually is and it usually is an expressing process then you itself will say like that it’s very simple to overcome fear.

What is fear what are you so scared of what’s going to hurt us what is this thing that we fear is going to bring so much pain in our lives.

Sometimes you know the things once you understand them more they aren’t so terrifying when something becomes knowable you can able to develop competency around it. Once you develop competency around it then you can able to develop confidence around it. In Psychology, we call the competence-confidence loop the more you understand something more confidence you have in that area the same thing with anything that does happened it impulsively generate some fear in yourself once you understand what it is you can deal with it better because what we are fearing is basically 3 types of pain i.e 3 areas that might experience pain in our lives and once we understand that we can reorient our mindset around those things and no longer be frustrated or stop by fear.

1.Pain in our lives:

Pain in our lives is what I call a loss pain is well if you change your life or of you do new thing the experience you have all will be lost and because of experienced loss you don’t want to do it so you are scared to try it because you might lose something that you like or you will lose your job or lose relationship with your spouse or kids or you might lose a passion.

Start focussing on the things that instead of going to lose but you’re going to gain.For Example, you might lose your security for the short term but in the long the term you have more freedom i.e you might gain freedom.

Once you understand lose pain is something you’re dealing with start focusing more on the things that you will gain and you’re getting more hurdle.

2.Process Pain:

Process pain is changing in anything is going to be hard. The process of change itself is hard to let alone will lose doing something new is hard.

The part of the mastery of life is learning to see change as a game, learning to see challenges as something that we can joyously enter to become the joyous master in the process of our lives to understand.

They might be challenging but challenges good and challenges will develop this challenge will help us reach our highest self.

Challenges help us live that fully charged life that the process it can be engaging and fun and exciting and new it can bring variety and spice and our lives. We can look forward to the process of change.

3.Outcome pay:

They’re scared that what if what if they lose all these things and changing what if they go through all this terrifying difficult work and then the grass is not greener, the outcome is no better than you had at the very beginning.

The part of the maturity in the mastery life is realizing too that instead of focusing on the outcomes that are negative we can start thinking and dreaming about and visualize and really give your attention and our focus and powers of attraction into those things that would be powerful and good and satisfied, fulfilling, happy, joyous on the other side of the fence.

The things that would turn out to be wonderful and magnificent if we change our life. Today might be a great day to sit down as a what do you really want in your life ?? Why you have not been working faster and you might discover loss process and pain at work and be going to flip it now and focussing on the gains and when you start to do that you will find yourself being that joyous.

Hope, now you got some idea for how to overcome fear.