How to Overcome fear of public speaking???

I am going to explain how to overcome the fear of public speaking and how can you deal with the public speaking anxiety. When we say public saying it means you have to speak for the people among the people, before the people. Now you’re having people around you and you just scared that whether you will be successful in speaking the right thing in the right manner or not. This feeling increases your anxiety level to higher and higher. So, here I am here to provide you tips that will definitely help you out in slowing down your anxiety level of public speaking.

Memorize Your First Three Lines:

In your speech, it is essential that first three lines of the speech should be fixed in your mind. It is giving the clean and smooth platform that you could go ahead on your speech. This one is important.

Don’t Fight the Fear:

Public speaking anxiety is a big fear you’re having so I am telling you that this fear is quite expected one in this segment. If this one as fear, it’s OK No problem. So you can speak to yourself that I am having the worst feeling right now but I can’t help it. This feeling is not going to kill you.You have to deal with it or this feeling will come and go with the passage of time. you have no control over this feeling It’s ok. So, in this manner you and your fear both will be here you can not run away from it. More you’re trying to separate from the fear more the level of the fear will be Increasing. So, Let it be. Better focus on the other things so don’t fight with the fear.

What Scares You!

Figure out what scares you. Are you scared of that you are not able to finish your speech on time or you will forget all the content when it will be public speaking or suppose you’ll pronounce the wrong words or you’ll create wrong sentences or the audiences going to hate you if you perform badly? So once you able to find out the real problem then only you can work in a right direction once it is a preparation time for your speech. So find out what exactly scaring you for a right preparation.

Pressure to Succeed:

Pressure on yourself to succeed. You have put a lot of pressure on your mind that you have to be successful once it is about to performing among the people. It is not only about yourself it is about the audience as well. It would be better if you put your focus more on the content of your speech what you have to introduce them rather than yourself. Don’t pressurize yourself.  You just create a pressure on mind that you have to be perfect and you can’t commit a mistake. If you commit a mistake something not a problem we all are human beings.

Positive Self Talk and Visualization:

Instead of thinking about all these negative parts of the public speaking you just visualize how beautifully you have performed. Once you go through such feeling definitely the level of anxiety will run away from your heart. So do all follow these steps once you’re going to perform among the people.

Hope, now you know how to overcome a fear of public speaking.