Tips To Answer For What is your greatest Weakness??

I am going to tell how to answer what is your greatest weakness in the job Interview. Most of the Interviewer asked this question to the Interviewee but Interviewee will not know how to answer this question.

1.Never deny that you don’t have weaknesses. Everyone has them and if you refuse to admit that you have weaknesses to your interviewer, then they will most likely write down that your lacking in self-awareness, arrogant or untruthful.

2.Be completely Honest but you should say on the positive note.

3.Explain that you are happy to take on more training to develop your skills.

4.Show how you have managed to turn your weaknesses into strengths and use your strengths to reduce the impact of your weaknesses.

5.We all have some weaknesses. Just thinking about how they might affect the impression of you to your interviewer before you say anything.

6.Do not reveal a weakness that raises red flags.

How to answer this question:

First, when you use a strength and present it as a weakness, it’s deceiving.

Second, it misses the whole point of the question.

You need to pick the weakness that you have actually been working on to overcome.

Finally, now you know how to answer what is your greatest weakness. If you have any doubt you may leave a comment I will help you as soon as possible.