Top 5 ways to Evaluate a company during an Interview

The interview is not just for the company to evaluates a candidate but also for candidates to evaluate the company when the time comes we are often too focused on impressing the interviewer to remember to do our own evaluation. In fact even when presented with the opportunity when an interviewer asks if you have any questions for them most of the think about the job in the requirements rather than the company and the cultural fit. company values are also important. Here I am going to say some list of things to look out for during your interviews that will help you make your about whether you want to work for these people or not.

1.Note Reception Experience:

When you arrive the first person you see is the receptionist what you find here will tell you a lot about how the company chooses to present itself. Was the reception is polite expecting you and prepared to greet you.

2.Note the Interview Room:

Most Interviews are conducted in a conference room and hiring manager’s office. If it is in the conference room see it is clean or not, how about the furniture Is it heavy wooden the table in leather chairs or cubical style tables and chairs. I am not saying judge the company with the furniture in the conference room just can’t sit with the furniture says about the culture. The hiring manager’s office also can tell you lot about the interviewer in addition to their style and interests the office can provide insight into the personality. How does the manager keep his or her office, What technology are they using?

Interview room

Interview room

3.Has Your Resume Been Read?

Ha the Interviewer read your resume more often than not they have glanced at it and you can’t do all kinds of conclusions from that but it definitely tells about the priorities of the management and how the business is run.

4.Was the Interview’s next step clear and concise?

Did you leave the interview with a clear understanding to have the next step? In order to keep the process moving smoothly, everyone needs to be on the same page about what supposed to happen next? Who will be doing it and when it will be done. A lot of valuable communication in an interview is a non-verbal communication and it’s those types of signs that give you a real feel for the environment you be entering so pay attention to them and they will help you make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right environment for you.

Hope, now you the tips and ways to evaluate the company values. If you have any doubt you may leave a comment here I am here to help you.