Which is Best RAM to Buy???

Most of the people not aware about how to choose the Best RAM to use. I am going to tell what is RAM and how to choose the best one which helps you lot.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is used to store the data like frequently accessed program instructions by storing like this it increase the speed of the system.

There can be 3 types of RAM nowadays,

  • DDR
  • DDR2
  • DDR3
  • DDR4

DDR means Double Data Rate. Prior to the DDR RAM, there was an SDR which means Single Data Rate.

Single Data Rate:

It Means One signal per clock cycle i.e for per clockwise it can able to send only one signal. For this reason, only Double Data Rate Ram has been introduced.



Double Data Rate:

DDR send 2 signal for per clockwise. Next to this QDR has been introduced in this it can send 4 signal for per clockwise but QDR is not much sold when compared to DDR. In market DDR only taking place at high.

 You may have the question like which DDR ram is best ??? The latest version of DDR ram is the best i.e DDR4 next to this DDR3 then DDR 2 and DDR1 are not there in the market nowadays.

LPDDR[Low Power DDR]:

Nowadays, in Laptop LPDDR is used. Even though performance is high if we use LPDDR, battery life is excellent. They launched LPDDR4 also now.

Difference Between these RAM:

The main difference between DDR and DDR2, they increased the speed in DDR2 when compared to DDR1. In DDR1 power consumption is high but in DDR2  they reduced the power consumption. Latency also reduced in DDR2. Likewise when you compared DDR2 with DDR3.

Difference Between RAM's

Difference Between RAM’s

When you are going to buy RAM you have to see whether it’s a single channel or double channel and speed of the clock cycle. There will be 2 slots in your PC if you want to have 16GB Ram then it best to split and place, For Example, place 8GB RAM in each slot because it performs in high speed when we separate them. Once you installed the RAM you can not change the speed of that RAM. If these RAM ‘s are in mobile there is no chance to change the RAM.

Hope, now you have an idea in RAM and also now you know to buy the Best RAM. If you have any doubt you may leave a comment I will help you as soon as